The Most Common Errors Filmmakers Must Avoid

The Most Common Errors Filmmakers Must Avoid


Imagine if you intend to build a website and to put up a short film or video on it. If the video is good, then it attracts website visitors, but if it’s not, it’s enough to turn away even the most casual of visitors. Despite all the input on how-to’s and what-to-do’s, something is still bound to go wrong, especially if you’re not too careful. No matter how experienced or seasoned the filmmaker, it’s still important to keep a checklist of pitfalls that are commonly committed but you certainly must avoid.





A Weak Story

No matter how seemingly exciting the effects are, no matter how seemingly talented your acting team crew are, a weak story will always be a weak story. And that already says so much. A weak story drags down the rest of your film, and would make it almost irreparable.  Thus, to avoid this, make sure that your script and screenplay undergoes a series of editing and modifying, so as to arrive at the best version of the story.




Poor Casting Choices

One of the most interesting pieces of advice ever given to budding filmmakers: your friends can’t act. It might be more convenient to just get the squad together and work with them for your film project, but more often than not, our friends disappoint us in this aspect. Best thing to do is to really do serious casting, looking for serious actors and actresses. This saves you from the awkward possibility of having to ditch your friends for ‘better actors’.


Bad Sound

If the filmmaker does not know how to choose good sound, then it also leads to a disastrous film. Good sound is important because it helps deliver the message that your film intends. It is much similar to a painter who’s so good and talented, but is not given a good canvas to work on. To avoid this mistake, it is best to know the character, the ‘shape’ of the video that you are making, and to plan out the sound track in accordance to it.