Top 5 Equipment Must-Haves for Any Filmmaker

Top 5 Equipment Must-Haves for Any Filmmaker

Instead of whining about your status as a poor, penniless artist, get up from where you’re seated and start making that film. A tight budget was never and will never be a good excuse. No equipment? No problem. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Equipment Must-Haves for any filmmaker, especially those who happen to be on a tight budget.



First-off: you’ll need a movie camera.

The key is to remember this cardinal rule: KEEP IT BASIC. A number of filmmakers forget this tiny little detail: the point of film-making is not spending the most on your movie, much less is it about making your film look expensive. If you already have a simple point and shoot camera with a good recording capacity, then you can get to work. If not, you can just look up any friendly tech blog that sells equipment, and look for yours there.


Second, you’ll need a sound recorder or microphone.

Of course, the camera may already have a built-in microphone, and often, beginning filmmakers will think that this will be enough. But then again, it always helps to have back-up! Invest in a good sound recorder and microphone to capture those dialogue details that you don’t want to miss.


Third, you’ll need a slider/glide cam equipment.

Jittery camera moves are a dead giveaway to indie films, which is not always a good thing. So if that’s not really your intended result, invest in a good slider/glide cam equipment. This will help eliminate all those jitters and give your film the smooth appearance it needs.

Fourth, you’ll need a jib/crane.

It might be a bit expensive, but it does help to give you a more professional look as a filmmaker, while at the same time giving your film that much-needed professional look as well.





IMPORTANT: Get emotional support.

The fifth requirement would be support from family and friends. Once you start, you might also want to level up in film-making and build a website for your films, bringing in all that website traffic. Good luck and do well.


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