How to Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Film

How to Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Film


Filmmakers, both novices and professionals alike, are all bound to agree: music changes things, including your film. The reason for this is because your chosen music or soundtrack actually holds the power to change the audience’s perceptions and feelings towards your film. Even if you were just planning to build a website and put up a video on it, soundtrack is still very important, because it helps your website visitors to get a feel of your video. So here are a few tips in choosing the perfect soundtrack for your video or film.







Know Your Video

It might seem basic, but it’s a common mistake of filmmakers – they don’t know their films that well and so they end up with a soundtrack that doesn’t match the intentions of their video. This is very important; the filmmaker should know what the general feel of the video is. Only then can the filmmaker determine what music best fits that general feel. Is it a film or a scene with a lot of sharp ends and points? Is it a film or a scene with bends and soft sides to it? Get music that matches these descriptions.






Use Silence Well

This is another feature not quite exploited by filmmakers these days. There is great potential in silences and gaps, if indeed the goal is to get a particular message across. A good filmmaker knows when to fill the gaps and when to leave them be – the result will be magical. The silences enable the audience to think, to reflect, and to look forward to what’s next, and all this would be less than possible if you provided everything for them by putting in background music in all the gaps present. Use silence to your advantage.




Break the Rules

It might sound confusing, but there’s value in this, too. Once you know and have mastered all the key points in choosing the ‘right’ music for your film, you might want to get a little imaginative and try something completely off the wall: it’ll be rewarding.